This article is intended as a general introduction for parents to help them become aware of the effects of heavy metals on our children and will be followed up with additional in depth articles about navigating your way through safe and gradual heavy metal chelation and the challenges and effects that toxic exposures impose.

Most children born now compared to 50 years ago have a significant level of heavy metal accumulation. What has contributed to this significant increase in toxic exposure? Children now are being given more vaccines and more frequent vaccinations than those 50 years ago, meaning they are accumulating more mercury than their parents. Mothers are more toxic now than ever before. They store in their bodies the accumulation of heavy metal toxins from vaccinations they have received throughout their life, from canned tuna and other heavy metal toxic fish they have eaten throughout their life, from mercury amalgams (dental fillings) that continue to leach mercury into their systems, from the smog we breath and the air pollution from local and international trade winds. Even at elevations of 10,000 feet, the traces of toxic heavy metal burden is regularly found in the birds and trees living even at this elevation in North America. And, the food we eat, even organic in some cases is loaded with toxic heavy metals and other environmental toxins.

If a mother does not undergo any type of detoxification prior to having children, then her breast milk will concentrate significant toxins which are transferred to the baby. As a result the first born gets the bigger toxic load from the breast milk. It is a fact now that most breast milk is considered so toxic that it is unlawful to be thrown down a drain at any hospital or medical facility. This should alarm us and give us great cause for concern for our future generation.

Children with genetic challenges in their ability to detoxify, specifically methylate, are the ones at greatest risk to suffer neurological, learning and developmental disabilities. The degree to which these children have impairment in their ability to methylate directly relates to whether they will become challenged on the spectrum of developmental disabilities as severe as autism, ADD, ADHD, OCD,  Asperger’s syndrome, or be mildly impaired with hyperactivity, or bouts of brain fog. Most children receive a diagnosis of autism, or Asperger’s by the time they are two years old. ADD, ADHD, OCD diagnoses are seen when the child is a bit older.

If your child has not been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, OCD, Asperger’s or Autism, should you still be concerned for the levels of heavy metals in your child? Yes. The reason is that the body deals with the exposure to heavy metals by storing what it cannot excrete in tissue: kidneys, hair, liver, digestive tract to name a few. Storing the heavy metal in tissue is the body’s way of protecting the brain from the damaging effects of metals. However, some metals do cross the blood-brain barrier and become deposited in the brain. The body has a very high tolerance for heavy metals, in the sense that it depends upon the duration of exposure, the size of exposure and the body’s ability to methylate the metals and excrete them through kidneys and colon in determining the damaging effects of heavy metal exposure. One mercury filling in a child will not send that child into developmental arrest, however, Immune Matrix has tragically seen too many cases of childhood vaccinations that with 24 hrs to 2 weeks result in irreversible developmental and neurological challenges for the child. Therefore, knowledge about your child’s ability to methyalte and caution is best advised.

Once deposited into tissue, heavy metals can affect the body in many ways. Some of the key patterns seen are as follows:

A) If deposited into the brain, and if the person is a young child, their brain neurons are still growing and very susceptible to damage from the heavy metal. In addition, the presence of the heavy metal also strips the coating from the neurons, creating neurological inflammation, whose severity depends upon whether the child goes into developmental arrest and stops talking, whether there are gradual changes and increasing challenges in speaking, focus, sensitivity to sound and light, and touch. As long as the metals remain, inflammation and neurological damage continues to interfere with growth and developmental processes.
B) If accumulated in the liver, the detoxification pathways that center around methylation can become affected resulting in accumulated extra cellular toxicity which then can begin to trigger immune cell recognition to the toxins, fueling inflammation and inhibiting detoxification of the offending metals. This is why some children get sick and become more symptomatic while they are being chelated! More will be discussed in future in depth articles about chelation on this key piece of information.
C) If accumulated in the digestive tract, the child can become challenged in his/her digestion. They can go off eating, become very picky, colicky, gasy and have bouts of diarrhea or constipation. It is known that heavy metals irritate the lining of the digestive tract and contribute to leaky gut through its inflammation promoting process. In addition, the presence of metals attracts the explosion of yeast and candida and certain pathogenic and dysbiotic bacteria resulting in increased inflammatory bowel processes. The toxins excreted by these pathogens have a further neurotoxic effect on the brains of younger children as parents report bouts of irritability, irrationality, aggressive behavior, inattention that subsides when the child’s sugar and carbohydrate consumption is severely restricted and when given activated charcoal at bed time, to absorb the mycotoxins. Sometimes the only hint of a heavy metal burden that a child might have are these digestive issues or acute reactions to high carbohydrate foods.

The presence of lead in the body makes mercury a thousand times more toxic than where mercury present alone, it has been reported. Many children even in this country have elevated lead levels in their blood and hair and trying to chelate them from mercury can be problematic and dangerous because of the synergistic effect of enhancing the potency of the mercury’s toxicity in the body. If a child tests high in lead then lead alone should be detoxified by the body.

Where are we getting our lead exposure? The presence of lead in old paints has been largely removed from current paint supplies, but old building still exist and the dust from the paint as its ages is a present exposure, especially old schools in this country. Our air is full of lead from smog and is one of the biggest sources of daily lead exposure. However, this is a gradual exposure and does not explain elevated lead levels in children. Toys from foreign countries is a real and present danger as the enamel and paints are not banned of lead in many other countries. On occasion their presence will be caught and recalled but the threat is bigger than most realize.

Many children also test high for aluminum. Parents are advised to check their Teflon cookware for scratches as aluminum is leached into food from these scratches, and replace their cookware immediately. More will be discussed in the future about aluminum.

To further reduce the risk of heavy metal and especially mercury exposure to your child do the following:
1- avoid feeding your child canned tuna
2- if you vaccinate your child, insist on thimerisol free vaccines and insist on having the doctor and/or nurse show you the ingredient list on the bottle prior to vaccination. Immune Matrix has come across cases where parents were told by medical staff that the vaccine was thimerisol free when in fact it was not. When thimerisol was taken out of some vaccines, doctor’s that had them in stock were legally allowed to continue to use them, but this never justifies deception. It could become a tragic mistake for your child as the damage from mercury in its many forms is cumulative. You cannot remove a vaccine once injected so make sure and be vigilant as what you do to your child is irreversible.
3- Be cautious on the types of toys you purchase with particular attention to what countries they are coming from and note any toys whose enamel or paint is beginning to flake off and remove them from your child.
4- Do not allow mercury amalgams to be placed in your child’s mouth. Use only porcelain fillings despite what some dentists claim is shorter filling life, it’s still absolutely harmless to have porcelain.
5- If you have mercury fillings in your child, get them removed only by an IAOMT dentist, one licensed with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. There are specific safety guidelines in the removal of mercury not just in the mouth but from breathing the fumes that the dentist’s office needs to be specially equipped for. Do not be talked into removing mercury fillings from a regular dentist! For the name of the nearest IAOMT dentist see www.iaomt.org
6- Many hardware stores have test kits to determine if lead is contained in paint samples. If you are not sure, please have the paint tested.
7- Although mercury and other heavy metals are distributed throughout the body, one can obtain a rough approximation to determine if there are elevated levels of aluminum and mercury in particular with a hair test. The hair is a reflection generally speaking of the exposure and accumulation in the last 3 months.
Immune Matrix prefers to use the Doctor’s Data Hair Elements kit available at their online store at https://www.immunematrix.com, under lab kits. You can do the test at home, send it in and in two weeks you will receive a report and consult regarding the findings. This is a recommended place to begin to also determine the relative degree of de-mineralization and heavy metal stress your child may be under. If the test comes back high then further testing is warranted.
8- Add a medical grade fish oil to your child’s diet. The EPA/DHA is essential for
reducing inflammation and assisting in cell membrane repair and re-myelination of nerve tissue in the body and the brain. Immune Matrix has been testing the therapeuatic effects of different medical grade fish oils and has found that Metagenics’s EPA-DHA 6:1 outperforms on BIA test results in regenerating cell membrane function and is ultrapure. It is available on their online store under “inflammation” products at www.immunematrix.com. Children with any type of digestive inflammation or suspected heavy metal toxicity are suggested to take one pill twice a day with food and preferably with a digestive enzyme to help them break down and absorb the fatty acids, fight inflammation and accelerate cellular and neuronal repair.

Taking these action steps will go far to help you investigate and protect the health of your children and begin to resolve and improve and in many cases heal from a diagnosis of autism, ADD, OCD, ADHD and such. More in depth articles will examine particular clinical aspects of these conditions and how you as parents can facilitate your child’s healing and prevent additional toxic insults.

Please note:
Information on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication or other treatment.

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Anna Manayan

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