Autism and Inflammatory Triggers

Every autistic patient that has been seen in the past twelve years has two things in common: toxic accumulation accompanied by immune interference with metabolites in the detoxification pathways along with metabolic immune, toxic immune and food related immune sensitivities. What are the key immune triggers? Toxic accumulation from the inability to break down and digest food, the inability to excrete microbial metabolites and the inability to excrete other toxins such as adjuvants (immune stimulants) in vaccines such as thimerosal and aluminum, all trigger immune activation. What does this mean exactly to your child?

If at any point in time the child is unable to adequately eliminate the heavy metal adjuvant toxins from vaccines, or the heavy metal exposure he/she receives in breast milk, then it will begin to accumulate in the child. When it reaches a certain threshold, the immune system will begin to remember it and for that toxin, that immune “recognition” interferes with the body’s ability to methylate and thereby process and excrete that toxin.

Many breast-feeding woman have mouths full of mercury fillings beyond the published safety guidelines for childbearing women. The body will attempt to excrete toxins in breast milk to the child’s detriment. Chlorella taken during pregnancy and while breastfeeding will not affect the breast milk and help the child to process the heavy metal contaminants in breast milk. Adding the toxic load of toxic breast milk and metals from vaccines can too much for some children, especially when the vaccination schedules have drastically increased when compared to the schedule when the parents were children themselves and you take into account genetic limitations that hinder one’s methylation ability such as the MTHFR and the COMT defects.

How can a parent tell if their child has developed an immune sensitivity to heavy metals? The child will be unable to excrete mercury for example in fecal metal or urine tests despite their DAN doctor or chelation doctor’s best attempts. The child becomes aggressive, all their autism symptoms get worse because the toxins are being released by the chelator such as NDF, DMPS, or EDTA but excretion from the body is being blocked to a significant degree by the immune system. The result is the child stores the very toxin that its immune system has become sensitized to which causes brain inflammation! This is how toxins create inflammatory triggers that block metabolic function. In the case of heavy metals, that inflammatory trigger will cause the child to accumulate that heavy metal to their detriment and affect neuronal development.

The other significant inflammatory trigger that aggravates autism symptoms are metabolic immune sensitivities. Metabolic immune sensitivities are having developed a reversible immune sensitivity to something like sulfur, molybdenum, magnesium, cell salts, acids, even a neurotransmitter precursor or the neurotransmitter itself. When the immune system recognizes that nutrient, it inhibits the child’s ability to process it. Some nutrients are essential and are limiting factors in the child’s ability to detoxify such as:

  • magnesium

  • methionine

  • folate

  • molybdenum

  • copper or zinc

Developing an immune sensitivity to these essential nutrients will cause the child to become reactive to their supplements and starve the child of the very nutrients needed to process and eliminate toxins.

Immune Matrix performs a comprehensive computerized examination of nutrient pathways, neurological pathway and metabolic pathway analysis which reveals the core immune driven metabolic blocks hindering the reversal of symptoms common in autism. Over years of research Immune Matrix has developed a proprietary treatment program that reprograms the immune system and improves the body’s detoxification pathways and neurotransmitter synthesis pathways. By eliminating inflammatory triggers to metabolism of nutrients, neurotransmitter synthesis and detoxification pathways, autistic patients can detoxify and eliminate heavy metals, yeast and candida microbes with little side effects, resolve intestinal dysbiosis, reverse food sensitivities, and repair brain neurons and restore proper neurotransmitter balance.

Understand that a child’s inability to efficiently eliminate toxins from the supplements they are given, and toxins that result from a +supplement program or chelation program can be just enough toxic accumulation where their body is unable to keep the pace of their medication or supplementation program. Combine increasing toxic accumulation to the point that it reaches a threshold, it will trigger immune recognition to that substance, whether it is a byproduct of a vaccine, or a food substance in the child’s breast milk, or vitamins or supplements or medications. The effect is cumulative and once the immune system is triggered, metabolism begins to suffer a downward spiral until reversed.

If your child is having difficulty taking a supplement, the problem can go beyond a genetic SNP or defect and be aggravated by an inflammatory trigger. Unless and until these immune sensitivities can be reversed and unless and until the child’s detoxification pathway function can be improved, you will continue to find yourself tiptoeing around how much and what you can give your child of a supplement or medication for fear of aggravating their symptoms. Inflammatory triggers play a significant role in contributing to the severity and chronicity of autism.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan