Autism and DAN Gone Wrong

The DAN! Protocol treats autism as a biomedical disorder, one involving immune issues, toxicity issues and food sensitivities irrespective of any genetic contribution. As far a protocols go for the treatment of autism, Immune Matrix maintains that the DAN! Protocol is the closest to recognizing the collective contribution of the immune system gone awry, increased toxic load, neurochemistry, and metabolic pathway issues involving the liver to creating the autism disorder. Depending on the severity and duration the condition is allowed to progress untreated, autism can be significantly improved and even reversed in cases.

What makes treating autism so challenging is that each child’s mix of immune sensitivities to foods, their neurochemistry, heavy metal burden and their ability to detoxify heavy metals varies. The protocol attempts to reduce by avoidance, food sensitivities and food allergies, treats the intestinal overgrowth of bacteria and yeast pathogens, and attempts by neutraceutical supplementation to give the body basic nutrients that support liver detoxification pathways during chelation of heavy metals. DAN! doctors are credentialed medical doctors, but they attend a one-day training program with no further credentialing, testing, or follow up. This leaves much to be desired in terms of the broad base of knowledge needed to truly understand the neurochemistry of autism, the entire field of chelation of normal livers yet alone those impaired by inflammatory immune issues, and the metabolic complexities of how the known genetic SNPs alter the autistic child’s metabolism through neurologic, detoxification, as well as digestive pathways!

Immune Matrix has been in the unique position to treat DAN “rejects” per se, those children unable to take B vitamins without getting more distracted and aggressive, and those that cannot chelate metals no matter what they are

given. Immune Matrix has researched advanced metabolic pathways for over ten years with respect to the mechanism of how the immune system derails the metabolism of the essential nutrients needed to run the DAN! protocol and for the first time is revealing the key pitfalls that derail a child on the protocol. It’s by no means comprehensive but will give the parent an understanding that these pitfalls can be reversed and treated and the child can be given a “modified” DAN! protocol after treatment with the Immune Reset Protocol.

By the time a child falls off the DAN! protocol it is generally found to have a very high level of circulating toxicity in blood and lymphatic fluids and is in an elevated state of immune inflammation evidenced by heightened immune sensitivities or sudden and severe neurological reactions to supplements or attempts to kill off candida, yeast and bacteria.

Irrespective of sulfur and methylation genetic SNPs, a child’s methylation pathway can become further derailed by its inability to metabolize the supplements it is given, its inability to excrete toxins as well as dead microbial metabolites. What Immune Matrix has found is an immune system now sensitized to the very nutrients it was given on the DAN! protocol;

  • B6

  • B12 whether methyl or cyano

  •  magnesium

  • manganese

  • molybdenum

  • folate

  • selenium, and zinc to name a few key players.

When the immune system becomes sensitized to heavy metals, it begins to interfere with the body’s ability to bind and excrete that toxin. The same thing has been found to happen in those children sensitized to mycotoxins and the specific pathogens themselves.

The immune sensitivities listed here are by and large not tested with standardized blood tests and therefore most DAN! doctors are unaware of the interference an activated immune system plays in hindering the metabolism of the child. This is why the child seems to react to everything and gets worse when they try to kill off candida, bacteria and excrete heavy metals. When the child begins to react to the very supplements needed to treat the child for autism disorder the doctor has no choice but to dismiss the child as unable to maintain the program and is at a loss for why!

Immune Matrix’s computerized technology, applied to its proprietary research in the advanced metabolic pathways of the digestion, nutrient absorption, liver detoxification, neurotransmitter synthesis, and metabolism of heavy metals identifies the specific immune blocks that hinder the proper

functioning of the pathways. What is even more state of the art is that with bio-energetic computerized technology these immune sensitivities can be re-programmed and the child’s ability to begin to metabolize, detoxify, digest, and kill off and excrete pathogens is improved, putting them back into treatment for autism.

One example is when the immune system ‘recognizes’ phenyl mercury, the type found in vaccines. It’s postulated that the immune system somehow redirects the body to begin to store this metal and/or somehow block the liver’s ability to bind and excrete it. Urine and fecal metal tests are consistently misinterpreted by doctors as no longer needing to chelate because the child was no longer excreting the metal. And these children did not show improvement in behavior or function even though their doctor said they had “no more heavy metals to chelate”! Immune Matrix has found that when it de-sensitized the child from immune recognition, and put back on its chelation program, it immediately began to resume excretion of the heavy metal! If your child has shown little or no improvement or reacted badly during chelation, suspect your child has become ‘sensitized’ to the heavy metal and that he/she can still show significant neurological and developmental improvement if this problem was reversed.

Another example is where the immune system becomes ‘sensitized’ to a neurotransmitter like GABA. The red flag Immune Matrix discovered is when autistic children begin to react badly to any of the B vitamins, irrespective of whether a B12 is methyl or cyano, and irrespective of the genetic SNPs known to affect the metabolism of B vitamins and folate. Immune Matrix has discovered a high degree of corresponding immune sensitivity to one or more neurotransmitters. It postulates that in the DAN! Protocol when the child is given larger doses of B vitamins that the synthesis of neurotransmitters are stimulated. Those children that show an immediate and more severe reaction to taking any kind of B vitamin are generally those who have developed an immune sensitivity to one or more of their neurotransmitters. Immune Matrix treats these pathways and sensitivities and in every case the child has been able to return to a course of supplementation irrespective of genetic SNPs.

If your child is struggling with any type of autism protocol it could be that his/her immune system is interfering with their ability to excrete toxins, heavy metals in particular, microbial metabolites, and is interfering with

their ability to digest core nutrient metabolites, and is reactive to their own neurotransmitters.

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