Allergy and Inflammaton Triggers

The development of inflammatory symptoms requires an immune trigger. Our immune system is programmed to recognize our own body tissue and to decipher what is ‘self’ versus ‘non-self’, or foreign substances, also called antigens in the medical world.


An antigen is anything that the body cannot use. It can become recognized as a foreign substance, aka antigen, an immune trigger. The significance of this concept is not well understood or applied in medicine because Western Medicine takes a narrow view of the definition of what a body considers a foreign substance. Accumulation of anything in the body is not just a source of accumulated toxicity but sets the foundation for the development of immune triggers, even when the substances accumulated by the body are necessary byproducts of metabolism coming from our food. The more we understand the link between accumulated toxicity and immune system triggers, the more we can unravel the mechanisms of chronic inflammation.

Clinically speaking, Immune Matrix has found through state of the art computerized testing of its patients that basic food metabolites such as amino acids, sugars, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals can trigger inflammation and lead to the development of inflammatory conditions. It starts with our inability to break down these complex proteins, fats and sugars by our digestive system and proceeds to the inability to use these biochemical components such as sulfur, magnesium, cell salts and B vitamins for example. Our inability to digest nutrients over time will trigger immune recognition to that substance and prevent its proper usage by the body and weaken the body’s ability to repair and regenerate as well as defend against bacteria, virus, candida and yeast pathogens.

The key is to identifying what the body considers a foreign substance and then finding the most efficient method to help the body to eliminate it and/or use it better. This will restore optimum metabolic function, reverse inflammatory processes and restore immune health. The detection of these substances is an emerging science that promises significant in roads to reversing the course of chronic inflammatory disorders.


Immune Matrix has found in testing and treating chronic inflammatory conditions that the onset of immune disorders begins with the body having accumulated a threshold of circulating toxins. Circulating toxic accumulation can come from a mixture of toxins formed in the body or from the predominance of one particular toxin or food substance such as a sulfur metabolite. This often results from the body’s inability to digest high sulfur containing foods such as egg yolk, garlic, onions, lamb, or eggplant. What the body cannot digest becomes part of the body’s toxic accumulation. What the body cannot eliminate sufficiently increases the risk the body will ‘recognize’ that substance as a foreign antigen triggering the immune response that leads to inflammatory disorders.

The key to identifying the immune trigger is identifying the substance the body considers ‘foreign’ and determining when that toxic threshold has been reached. This is also an emerging science with significant impact on explaining and reversing many immune mediated metabolic and inflammatory disorders.

The key to reversing the ongoing process of developing more immune sensitivities and having them progress in severity lies in reducing one’s toxic load of those triggering substances and reversing the immune recognition to those substances. This has been the main focus and research of Immune Matrix in its revolutionary immune treatment protocols.


This is a complex subject that involves multiple interactive genetic and metabolic mechanisms of action. A simple but profound example that is not well understood in mainstream medicine involves immune recognition to a heavy metal such as mercury. How does that occur you might ask? Anything the body cannot eliminate in a short period of time is at risk for immune recognition by the body.

Immune Matrix has found that when a body ‘recognizes’ mercury for example, its excretion is reduced and the body will store the metal in tissues. Patients that attempt to eliminate the heavy metal through doctor assisted chelation protocols can become sick from the procedure and are unable to continue the protocol and/or stop excreting the metal to the doctor’s perplexion and make the false assumption that the patient is unable to detox or that the patient is finished chelating because they have stopped excreting the metal!

Immune Matrix reverses the immune recognition through a proprietary state of the art bio-energetic treatment protocol involving advanced computer technology. The patient is able to resume excretion of the heavy metal, restoring proper detoxification and metabolic function.

This is an example of how the body can become derailed by toxic accumulation and develops immune recognition to things we don’t want it to recognize. This finding holds significant promise for explaining the mechanism of chronic immune disorders and promises hope for reversing a host of chronic immune disorders such as

  • eczema

  • asthma

  • psoriasis

  • acid reflux

  • irritable bowel

  • migraine

  • chronic fatigue

  • and immune mediated metabolic disorders that result in heavy metal toxicity

  • fibromyalgia

the inability to optimize B vitamins, the inability to digest sulfur, magnesium, fats, proteins and other much needed nutrients, as well as the inability to increase one’s hormones or use them (thyroid, adrenal, estrogen), or to become pregnant because of the immune recognition to a partner’s spermatic fluids.

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Anna Manayan