February 27, 2010

About the Author:
Anna Manayan, J.D., Dipl.Ac., L.Ac., NBIMA

Anna Manayan has extensive training in both Western medicine from Hahnemann Medical College in Pathology and Chinese Medicine from Meiji School of Chinese Medicine. She traveled extensively to further her training in energetic medicine, homeopathic drainage, and allergy elimination. Her own research in advanced metabolic pathways focused on the needs of autistic children for the last 10 years and has resulted in a unique protocol for the treatment of immune interference with metabolic pathways of digestion, liver pathway detoxification, heavy metal chelation, treatment of miasms, chronic fatigue, chronic viral infections and lyme disease as well as immune interference with digestive pathways of the body. The result is improved detoxification, and micronutrient absorption that enables the body to regain its strength and balance in fighting chronic disease.

Anna’s ongoing research and passion in empowering patients to learn and understand about the processes that contribute disease led to the development of the articles published in this blog. The information is based upon her clinical findings and experience, and state of the art published research available in the field. The focus of these articles is to explain for the lay person and patient in simple language information that empowers and enables anyone to direct their care, speak with their health care providers and understand the metabolic basics underlying the development of their symptoms.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan